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Frequently Asked Questions

Melamine is a chemical and organic material that can only be dissolved in water, which is a long-lasting material that is hard to break due to its structure and can only be used for years. becomes a hard and hard-to-break substance.

The usage area of ​​melamine is quite wide, but widely; It is used in the production of tableware and kitchen materials. Also melamine; kitchen cabinets and counters, sound insulation products, various fabrics, flame retardant chemicals, cleaning materials, whiteboards, flooring, fertilizers and animal feed, etc., either as raw materials or in the manufacture of many different products by chemical reactions with various substances used.

Melamine is definitely not plastic. This is a very common confusion. Many people see melamine as equivalent to plastic products, causing them to overlook the biggest difference between plastic and melamine. Despite this big difference, the products made of plastic become bacteria-producing over time and threaten human health; The product obtained from melamine is completely hygienic, does not produce bacteria and does not cause any harm to human health. Melamine plates are not harmful if used according to usage conditions.

It is preferred due to its high resistance to breakage and higher resistance to products such as porcelain, ceramic and glass, which are substitute products in terms of product life and use.

Goreme Melamine products are heat resistant at (-) 20 °C and (+) 100 °C.

It can be washed in the dishwasher at maximum (+) 85 °C.

Melamine is heat resistant products, but the heat here means hot food and the heat of the dishwasher. Melamine dishes are not microwave safe. Its use is harmful to health and very inconvenient.

Melamine; Plates, trays, open buffet equipment are produced as resistant to breakage and scratching thanks to its special raw materials. Melamine products are resistant to breakage and scratching. Thanks to its special raw material, it is ideal for long-term use, and no deformation occurs in the products. You can use different stylish and healthy melamine products in your catering services with peace of mind.